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Amélia Farmhouse Mirror


The raw elegance of Amélia gives authenticity to a place, you can lean it against the wall or fix it.

Amelia will be available again for delivery the first week of September.

Rattan baby bed

Baby Bed on wheels Sacha


All comfort and safety a baby needs. With removable baby basket and wheels to help to fall asleep.

Rattan baby chair

Baby Chair Ellie


Light but strong. Unique baby chair with removable table.

Ellie was in high demand. Our artisans are currently producing some more items. They will be deliverable to you in the first week of September.


Baby Changing Lilly-Rose


Including the mattress, this changing table has all what Mamma and baby need.

Lilly-Rose was loved by many among our mindful shoppers. Our artisans are crafting more of them. They will arrive at your place the first week of September. Order it now to make sure you will also own one! This is quite a wait. But you know what? We reward your patience for slow-fashion with a voucher of 10% on all other orders of "baby must have" items.

Backpack natural

Backpack Borneo


Traditional backpack from Borneo, it’s resistant, lightweight and has adjustable straps.

Bag raffia

Bag Hyacinth


Usually used as a market basket, this bag does its job perfectly for a natural, light, summer style.

Bag natural

Bag Kalimantan


A bag easy to match with any plain color for regular usage.

Our artisans are carefully weaving more Kalimantan Bags for you. Order it now and be sure to receive it at the very latest during the first week of August. OK, this is quite a wait, but the good news is…… you will have a unique bag!

Are you in a hurry? No worries! Have a look at our other articles, which you will receive tomorrow if order before 4 pm during weekday.

Bag raffia

Bag Raffia


An ideal natural summer bag matching with any summer clothes.

The Raffia Bag was very demanded. Now our artisans have made more of them for you, which are on their way with CO2 compensated transport. They will be deliverable to you mid-August.

Natural striped basket set of 3 made from Pandan leaves

Baskets minimalist design


Nice minimalistic design, perfect to store some things in a stylish way

design basket

Beauty Unique Bamboo Basket


A unique handmade bamboo basket that you will find nowhere else. This basket for design lovers is an eye-catcher that will give natural style to its place. No need for anything else, just place it in the middle of a table and trendy natural effect is guaranteed!

Beauty Bamboo Basket is only available in limited numbers and is handcrafted by passionate artisans. She is now on his way with a transport whose CO2 is compensated. Order it now and make sure you’ll receive it in early August.


Bi-fabric Baskets


Personalize your home with these unique bi-material baskets in Pandan and Banana leaves. Simple and elegant, yet strong.


Big Basket


We all have odds and ends to store – but why not do it with style?