Renew and Relook Furniture Services


Want a change in your home without having to buy everything new and change everything? Does your interior no longer look like you?

MF Interior Studio and Mojo Boutique invite you to rethink it!

By reviewing the arrangement of your rooms, your furniture, perhaps changing the color of your walls or your furniture, by refining, by giving new functions to your objects! All in an eco-responsible spirit.

The result?
A home looking like the most beautiful homy Instagram photos but also a unique interior that resembles you or the new you. We want you to live in harmony in your interior and its potential is unimaginable, let’ reveal it!

Want to know where to start? With this easy 10 minutes process in 3 steps:

interior design
Price and what you will receive:
A 3D plan representing your transformed space 3 “mood boards” so you can choose the mood you prefer. We adapt it according to your answers in the questionnaire Price: 69 CHF
If you wish to continue the process, the next step is: A project plan precisely showing the different steps to set up your chosen mood board and the plan. How to set them up on your own (eg the exact color of a wall, the makeover of a piece of furniture, etc.). You will also receive a list with tools and products needed for the DIY realization. When we propose renovations, it is light work called “home staging” without heavy manual work. We continue to follow and advise you throughout setting up the chosen mood board. Price: 191.-

Are you not very manual or don’t have the time to do these “home staging” steps on your own?

No problem, we do it for you from A to Z!

The price of the realization depends on your project and on the difference between your current interior and your desired interior according to the proposals that you will receive. You will receive an easy quote within 24 hours. You can also choose to realize it partially yourselves and partially with our help.


We all have some old furniture that we still “kind of” like because of their history and do not want to throw them away. However, they might need relooking and find again the place they deserve in your interior. 

We are happy to make suggestions and relook them for you! We pick up your furniture at your place and send it back to you. The price depends on your item and can vary between 50 chf to 400 chf. 

Send us a quick email to [email protected] and [email protected] with

the picture of your item and

its sizing

We will get back to you within 48 hours.