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Handmade Wooden Coffee Table

Birdy is the perfect choice for aficionados of purist design.

Our Birdy coffee table is robust and reliable yet visually magnificent. Choose a timeless coffee table for your home that eases and rejuvenates the mind with pure, natural qualities. This table has a clean, polished finish that brings a classy minimalist feel to your interior. 

Discover the wooden characteristics of our Birdy coffee table and receive an entirely unique item! We craft our Birdy tables from high-quality upcycled teak wood, making every piece different with its own story to tell. Purchase our handmade tables for a stunning addition to your decor that expresses your individuality and environmental convictions.

The Birdy coffee table comes in two sizes, fitting comfortably in any area of your home! Add warm, natural tones to your interior to create a serene atmosphere for peace and tranquility.



Diameter, 80cm

Height, 45cm 


Diameter, 60cm

Height, 40cm

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Meet the Makers

Pak Rozi

Pak Rozi is from the island of Jawa, but lives in Bali with his wife and two kids. He is an experienced carpenter who works exclusively by hand in an old-fashioned but authentic way. He prefers working with wood that has already served an earlier purpose and deserves a second chance. Pak Rozi doesn't dream about anything else other than work, and he is amazed to think that people actually use and enjoy his furniture.


Ridwan has two passions: handcrafted furniture and special pots for plants. He continues to happily hone his skills in these two endeavors and is extremely motivated in developing them even further into the future.