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Wicker Basket in Natural Banana Leaves with Handles


A multipurpose handmade basket from banana leaves made for any room. Buy more sizes & get 10% off!


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This basket storage is ethically handmade in Java by women artisans using natural eco-friendly material. By using this basket, as all our products, you make a mindful lifestyle choice and support directly artisanal work, outside mass production.
• L: Diameter 40cm, height of basket 34cm, height including handle 44cm
• M: Diameter 34cm, height of basket 33cm, height including handle 41cm
• S: Diameter 30cm, height of basket 29cm, height including handle 36cm

the makers

Ibu Sri

Ibu Sri lives in Wonocatur in eastern Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is known to be an artistic and cultural hostpot of Indonesia. Proud of her region and of still being able to make a living from a traditional and artisanal trade, Ibu Sri is an experienced basket weaver. She also has skills in the craft of Batik, an ancient method of colorful drawing on textiles using wax.


Wicker Basket in Natural Banana Leaves with Handles


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