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Plaid Jivaloka


Handwoven plaid terracotta dip-dyed in botanical plants.

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Deliverable between 01 and 03 Dec 2021Only 19 pieces available

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Our plaid terracotta is dip-dyed by hand with a plant called ceriops cadal from the organic botanical garden of its weavers. The plaid is 100% handwoven and 100% dyed by hand. Thanks to you, unique ancestral know-how will not die and at the same time, you’ll make a sustainable choice for our mother earth. 

The small familial company Jivaloka ( has produced them. Jivaloka is among the only one’s hand-dying eco-friendly fabrics with botanical plants. All of it in a fair way, outside of mass production, outside the big industries of fast fashion. If you wish a crystal clear conscious and a cocooning must-have for this winter, the plaid Jivaloka is waiting for you .


Because of its 100% natural components do not dry it directly in the sun, can be washed at 30 degrees. 

the makers


Dimas has been a batik maker and natural dyer for 11 years now. He enjoys the challenge of making batik, especially when he uses dyes made from natural plants. You can find him during planting season working in the fields to weed out the grass. When not working, he also enjoys playing soccer. Currently, Dimas is expecting his second child.

Elisa Jivaloka

Elisa founded the brand Jivaloka to empower female artisans and put forth their unique knowledge in weaving and dyeing fabrics using botanical flower extracts. The dyeing and weaving methods employed by these artisans are fully traditional and environmentally conscious, making them align perfectly with what Mojo Boutique is all about.


Plaid Jivaloka

In stock

Deliverable between 01 and 03 Dec 2021Only 19 pieces available

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