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Basket with Minimalist Design


Nice and minimalistic for stylish storage.

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These minimalist and beautifully handmade baskets will help you to store your nicknack in a designed way. Add functional style to your master suite, guest room, child’s room, or living room. You can set it by your front door, pop it in your sleeping room or bathroom for a touch of charm. Available in 3 sizes, each with a slightly different design, but perfect to be arranged together.

They can be essential to store:

  • Some fresh towels in the bathroom
  • The clothes you still need to iron
  • Hats
  • Scarfs and gloves or bikinis (depending on the season ?)
  • Games and cuddly toys of your little one
  • Catch paper waster in the office
  • Dirty laundry (the lattice texture keeps it from smelling rank)
  • Some books and magazines
  • Electronics such as chargers
  • The blanket of your living room
  • The dog’s toys
  • Your plants in it
  • Anything that is helping you to declutter your interior….and we like to change its usage at any time along the years – it is a timeless item!


Sizing (in cm):

  • L: diameter 36, height: 29 (handle 11)
  • M: diameter 29, height 27 (handle 8,5)
  • S: diameter 25, height 17 (handle 7)


Please kindly note that because each product uses natural materials and is handmade, the sizing and color shades can slightly vary.

the makers

Ibu Ciwuk

Ibu Ciwuk lives in the village of Kanoman in the Yogyakarta region where she lives with her children, very close to the villages where her friend Ibu Yamti and Ibu Amit live, with whom she has woven for several years. They weave together baskets or carpets made of natural materials recovered from pickles or “weeds” to be removed such as banana leaves, pandan or even water hyacinth from the river.

Ibu Yamti

Ibu Yamti comes from the village of Brosot in the Yogyakarta region, surrounded by greenery, where she lives with her family and community. When she is not looking after her children at home she weaves baskets or rugs with materials such as banana leaf or pandan leaf. She has worked hand in hand for several years with her friends Ibu Ciwuk and Ibu Amit. She is grateful to be able to make a living from a traditional profession in her region.


Basket with Minimalist Design


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