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It’s simple!

Buying something new for your interior often means not knowing what to do with your old furniture.

Because new products shouldn’t mean throwing away, we offer you not one but two good deeds:

1. Sell your old furniture on our site and do your wallet good

2. But also do good to our planet!

70% of the sale goes to you and the rest after costs goes into bee pollination. Bees are of existential importance to our planet and their presence is shrinking. All that in addition to avoiding to thrown away an item and making a happy new owner!

Be an actor of tomorrow and live in harmony with your interior

Are you convinced? Do you wish to sell an item and you are a customer of Mojo Boutique? If yes, start the process below in 5 simple steps, it won’t take you more than 4 minutes!

1. Your furniture is made of wood and not composite wood. The latter contains formaldehyde to be avoided for health reasons.

2. Your furniture is in usable condition for its next owner

The more photos putting your object in context and from different angles, the more likely you are to sell it! No need to have a pro camera, your phone is enough.
Don’t forget to show the small flaws, for the sake of transparency.
Send them to the following email address and add the dimensions of your object: [email protected]

In this email, we will advise you on different possibilities for sending your furniture, depending on the size and type of furniture.

We give you an estimate of the price of your furniture, but the final choice is yours!

The remaining 30% net will be used for bee pollination for our biodiversity, together we will have done a real good deed. 🙂

You can withdraw it from the sale at any time in case you were successful in selling it or giving it away differently.

As soon as someone purchases your item, you will automatically be notified, and part of the proceeds will go into pollination. You will receive your own pollination certificate!


2nd hand products from Mojo's clients

2nd hand products from Mojo’s clients

A platform to avoid more waste

A platform to avoid more waste

One 2nd hand order = Bee Project

One 2nd hand order = Bee Project

Unique pieces

Unique pieces

Secure payment

Secure payment

100% satisfied or money back + Free shipping

100% satisfied or money back + Free shipping

Beautiful Swiss cupboard

Unique second-hand kitchen cupboard with its typical style from the 30s - 40s. It is a convenient storage in addition of being stylish. It has an open part to showcase and store your cups, glasses, and plates and a close one to store some dry food. Do you wish to be his new next happy owner? Size: depth 36 cm, width 96 cm, height 1,54 m The price INCLUDES shipping costs from the home of its current owner in Lausanne. SAVE 200 CHF and organize the transportation by yourselves.

Whitewash shabby chic secondhand wardrobe

Cute shabby chic wardrobe that will goes well in any sleeping room. It has a cloth hanger inside and two drawers. Size: depth 565 cm, width 99 cm, height 183 cm SAVE 200.- and organize its transportation from its current owner’s house in canton Vaud by yourselves.