Carlota - Fauteuil vintage

Fauteuil confortable avec un style rétro moderne.

Fabriqué avec du bois teck surcyclé.

Les housses de coussin sont hydrofuges et lavables.

Le tissu a un effet cationique, si vous regardez de près la photo, il ne ressemble pas à un « jaune uni » mais a un effet « vintage / rétro ».

Taille (en cm):

Largeur 81cm

Profondeur 87cm

Hauteur 93cm

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Meet the Makers


Puguh has a keen eye for furniture detail, and takes advantage of this useful skill in achieving perfection in each piece he works on. Puguh and his wife as well as twho children are from the Indonesian island of Lombok. Nila also handmade furniture and they often work together in couple. They live in commune with fellow artisans. He is not just fond of authentic furniture but also loves sate food.


Nila is a mother of two and wife to Puguh, who she often works with on many of our pieces. Apart from loving martabak (a pancake delicacy), she is passionate about creating works of art with her hands in the furniture she makes. She especially likes working on old wood, as it is rich in history, and finds deep satisfaction in knowing it will someday fall into the hands of someone who will cherish her creation.