Manchester - Table pliable avec bar mural rangement

Gagnez de l'espace avec cette table/barre murale pliante robuste et élégante.

Vis incluses, assemblage non nécessaire.

Fait avec du bois de teck surcyclé de première qualité. 

Taille (plié) :

Hauteur 84cm

Largeur 60cm

Profondeur 25cm

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Meet the Makers

Pak Rozi

Pak Rozi is from the island of Jawa, but lives in Bali with his wife and two kids. He is an experienced carpenter who works exclusively by hand in an old-fashioned but authentic way. He prefers working with wood that has already served an earlier purpose and deserves a second chance. Pak Rozi doesn't dream about anything else other than work, and he is amazed to think that people actually use and enjoy his furniture.

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