Pflanzenkorb Azteken Design

Für deine Pflanzen oder um dort Gegenstände aufzubewahren, sind diese Körbe ideal für eine natürliche und warme Deko.


S= Höhe: 26cm , Durchmesser: 32cm

M= Höhe: 28cm , Durchmesser: 38cm

L= Höhe: 30-31cm , Durchmesser: 40-44cm"

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Meet the Makers

Ibu Amit

Ibu Amit lives and comes from the Yogyakarta region, a very green area that can have heavy rainy seasons. In addition to being an experienced weaver for many years and working regularly hand in hand with her two friends Ibu Ciwuk and Ibu Yamti, she has a small fruit juice business in her village.

Ibu Yamti

Ibu Yamti comes from the village of Brosot in the Yogyakarta region, surrounded by greenery, where she lives with her family and community. When she is not looking after her children at home she weaves baskets or rugs with materials such as banana leaf or pandan leaf. She has worked hand in hand for several years with her friends Ibu Ciwuk and Ibu Amit. She is grateful to be able to make a living from a traditional profession in her region.