Lulu - Tagesbett Sofa

Daybed Sofa mit grossen Kissen.

Ein minimalistischer Stil ohne Kompromisse beim Komfort und Authentizität.

Hergestellt aus hochwertigem recyceltem Teakholz und abnehmbaren, waschbaren, wasserabweisenden Kissen. 

Ideal für draussen und drinnen.


Breite 180cm

Tiefe 97cm

Höhe 67cm

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Meet the Makers


Faisal, originally from Lombok, moved on to Bali to find a living. He knew that there was always something he was called to do and is good at. A small workshop in South Bali taught him the art of furniture making. Now, he is grateful to be making a living out of it, and focuses on his work knowing that with every piece he makes, someone benefits from it.


Bogi, who comes from Lombok but is now a Bali resident, handles the finishing touches of furniture detailing. He swells with pride everytime he is surrounded by his three kids or when he works together with his wife, Winda. When Bogi is not lacquering, waxing, or painting, he likes to spend his time fishing in the river.